Bev Ward's Development Sites

We are looking for:
Mercedes dlr's F&I dept
Nissan dlr's F&I dept
Kia dlr's F&I dept

We build the site and bring you the warranty applications for a commission.

Hyundai Protection Plan - HPP Warranty

Window Repair Stuart

   Honda Parts Cheap

Honda Dealer Parts

E-Commerce Consultanting, specializing in dealership products. Sell OEM parts nationwide.

We are looking for:
Ford dlr's parts dept
Chrslyer dlr's parts dept
GM dlr's parts dept.
Mazda dlr's parts dept.

 Hyundai Extended Warranty 

Honda Original Parts

Bev & Bill's Yosemite Vacation

Utah & Vegas Trip

London   Green Cay

Shark Valley     SV w/M & E & A

Yellowstone/Teton Vacation

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