Flying into Yosemite Valley. Look at this portion of the snow-capped Sierra Nevada range.

El Capitan

Unusual angle of El Capitan

Bridleveil Falls. From above(unlike when hiking the valley) one can see the v-shaped granite that shapes the river.

more Bridleveil

El Cap

Snow covered El Cap and a waterfall(to the left - in shadow). This waterfall is the 2nd largest in the WORLD(after Angel Falls). Perspective: look how small the trees look ...and they are huge. It takes experienced climbers 3 days(good weather) to climb El Cap.

El Cap

This is Yosemite Falls. Consists of Upper Falls & Lower Falls with a cascade in between. You can see a rainbow(now) starting in the middle. Rainbow will elevate incrementally in the next pictures.

See . . .rainbow is moving UP the Falls

Last "shot" . . .rainbow is moving up Yosemite Falls

Half Dome

Unusual view of Half Dome

Rarely do ya get to see the top portions of this famous granite structure.

Half Dome

Hetch Hetchy . . . now as a water resevoir

Heth hetchy's dam

Courtney Aviation outta Columbia, CA. Our pilot was Hart(arial photographer). I never did this before! No altitude sickness. Easy but It IS cool. Dress Warmly!

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