The image (above) displays a arch. There are a few of them but this one is quite famous.

Notice the sunRAYS in the photo(above). These rays are tricky to capture on film. I've seen them before but the mountain needs to be in exactly the right place in front of the sun ..and the settings on the camera need to be *just* right. Aditionally, the sun needs to be of the right intensity. NOT EASY! As you can see 2 of the 3 were in-place.

In second the light changes. In a second . . . .

Notice the lines on this canyon-mountain. They are like a checkerboard. It's unusual to have both(vertical & horizontal).

This is proof ...trees can grow anywhere!

Another arch(above) but this one is not famous ...nor easily accessible.

Hey look! Another arch.

same arch. (I think)



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