You can see a couple of the bridges here. If I heard correctly ....I believe that one was for pedestrians only.

This is a "famous shot"!! The haziness is due to the lens needing to shoot through a "cloudy" section of our LE capsule. Naturally the weather added to this fogginess as well.


We are higher now and you can see a reflection.

Getting close to the top of the Eye. Fog reduced visibility but I remember visibilty being better than this photo.

From the top, down, this view of Parliment and Big Ben was center. Big Ben refers to the chime(which you hear). BTW ...Big Ben was manufactured by the same company that made our Liberty Bill in PA. The actual name of the clock is "parliment tower clock" ...err something real close to that.


This is an interesting shot of the London Eye taken from the river cruise. Staff actually checks each capsule for bombs before folks step in. It's a VERY efficient loading-n-disembarking operation. The ferris wheel NEVER stopped!!! You can see the curved platform that is usd for loading-n-unloading. The bomb-crew(3 folks) used mirrors to check under stuff.


Photos of Bev & Bill

Before London Eye

taken during London Eye

taken during Thames River Cruise

arounnd London

Trafalgar Square

Saint Paul's Cathedral