Great Blue Heron(predominantly a water bird) tending her nest. On this trip the baby never stirred though one can see the baby in the nest. I wonder if this is the same baby that I saw 2 weeks ago. Through binoculars I witnessed an awkward large baby. Side-by-side the baby was almost as large as the mom. Junior looked ready to fly! Mother heron regurgitated food into the "insistant" baby's mouth. Trial flights are not as scary as they look since the tree is surrounded by water(a cypress).

Close to the Great Blue Heron nest is 6-8 other nests. You are looking at one. These nests are tended by Anhinga. I see an Anhinga chick and mother with a crow-like black bird in front of them. Anhingas are plentiful at Green Cay. They are water birds and hunt/swim underwater but are 2-2.5 times larger then grebes. Anhingas dry their wings by opening them. It's a sight!! (wish I had a pic)



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