Road to Jenny Lake. You can see Grand Teton Range. This is the closest we came. When I see the shadows I *think* this pic was taken in afternoon. We hiked this trail from 11:30 to 3:30. Our proximity to these HUGE mountains was-was-was memorable.

This was 9/12 but(as u can see) Fall had changed the color of grass and bushes. Yellowstone(30mi north) closes many of its roads for snow at end of Sept.

You can see the sandy path with occasional stones. The trail/path wound around the hillside and offered magnificent views of both fall foilage and the jaw-dropping Teton range. I swear *that* trail was magnetic!

On the darker-side, on 4-5 parts of this trail, signs were posted that said "Be Bear Aware!!". These signs told us ...what to do, what NOT to do. Kinda Eery! However we ran across 8-10 groups with 2-3 hikers in a group. I figured that the signs remain looong after bear-sightings cease.

I asked a Park ranger about the numerous dead trees in both parks. He said - It's park policy to leave trees where they fall(unless in a road, etc). He said that trees die due to fire, tree beetle infestation, trees die naturally, lightning. For now ...the park's policy is unchanged! However if fires have too much added fuel(due to the downed trees) then policy could change. Outside of the parks, a % of downed trees are taken by logging companies and the city/county is compensated. This compensation would not occur with the parks due to the low price of lumber versus the remoteness of it. (forbiding terrain and super-heavy lumber)

You can see Jenny Lake and the Grand Tetons. There are 5-7 lakes that narrowly join the larger lake, Jackson Lake. Jenny Lake is one of them. The Grand Tetons have NO foothills and seems to raise straight outta the (mirror-like)lake. Actually at many points they do!

more trail

Sooo glad you all can see this ....cause I don't have the words to describe it!

Here is Jenny Lake as I turn my head. Notice that you don't see Fall colors.

We are getting closer to mountains. The smokiness of the range is due to 2 fires. I've been here twice and the sky was brilliant blue. Not this time. Most of the smoke was due to a large fire in Idaho. There was also a fire north of here in a Park. It was being "watched". We are *in* a valley(Jackson Hole) and smoke accumulates in a valley ...forever(unless there is a strong wind). We saw columns of smoke(far away) on several occasions.

After a while the trail led through a forest. Such a treat. Bill took several pics when the sun lighted the trail and bridge artfully. Incredibly, you can see the Tetons under the sky. I like this pic! BTW ...bridge goes over a brook. (music)

Same but a close-up. Oh ...thusfar the trail was a 1.5 in a scale oh 1-5. No elevation change.

I do not remember when these cascades occured. BTW, cascades are different than Falls. As expected, falls are higher. I say this because we were following a trail to "Hidden Falls". In the foreground of the photo you can see roundish leaves from Aspens. They turn yellow in September and shimmer in the wind often making a distictive rustling-sound.

Hidden Falls.

An osprey nest was spotted at the *very* top of a dead tree. Osprey are VERY good fisherman. (near Jenny Lake) We saw 2 babies(teenagers) in the nest. They were probably born in the Spring. They made noise(talked/sang) ALOT. Actually, we saw 2-3 ospreys flying nearby(never saw the offspring fly). The grownups were verbalizing too. I saw an osprey hanging around very near the large youngsters. I wonder if the effort was to MAKE them fly ....give em space ....whatever!

Full grown osprey was never IN the nest but close by.

Same but a close-up.

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