Texan Cuisine !!!?

I saw probably 5-7 embassies. Duh ...London is a capital! In fact a street was called "Embassy Row".


I watched these mounted police(no firearms) go past me and maybe this is typical but right around the corner was a protest by the "Occupy Movement".




We visited Saint Paul's Cathedral and to our surprise 40-60 small tents were in the front area. I could see larger tents too and crowds of folks. Megaphones were in the hands of a few as they shouted stuff like "Freedom for all". Protesters were on the steps leading to the church. Bill surrrre wanted to get a picture but he didn't wanna be an obvious photographer. What if the crowd decided to take his camera?

St Paul's Cathedral



This scene is from the top-dome of St Paul's Cathedral. Look at how the weather has deteriated. This is an awesome view! Too bad it is so foggy.

We headed back to our hotel on the top of a double-decker bus. Tower Bridge(not London Bridge) is lit up along with the city.



Photos of Bev & Bill

Before London Eye

taken during London Eye

taken during Thames River Cruise

arounnd London

Trafalgar Square

Saint Paul's Cathedral