Photographer - his arms are behind his back. (he has them) . . .hehehe

Grand Tetons - the most photographed mountain range! You are looking at the range from Jackson Lake Lodge(we stay for 4 nights). Jenny Lake is 4 miles away and is much closer to Tetons. You can see Lake Jackson(top left) and the expanse of land called Willow Flats. Willow Flats has wildlife galore(esp at dusk-n-dawn). Wildlife is mostly nocturnal.

more Willow Flats and Tetons - naturally smoke from fire was present

Willow Flats - closer - you can see the ponds of water. Willows love water and moose mainly eat willow.

Morning(due to the east light) affords the best view of the Tetons(west range of the valley). You can see glaciers. Glaciers move, otherwise, they are called snow fields. Due to global warming these glaciers are shrinking yearly. Our snake river tour guide(Tony) says that he see the gap between the glaciers on Mt Moran(part of Tetons) increase each year.

Mt Moran of the Tetons and Willow Flats.

Interesting perspective.

Nice! The animals are out or will soon be. You can see some smoke(left).


I didn't think it was possible! That HUGE mountain range obscured by smoke - this only occured for a few hours. We only smelled smoke (slightly) for 2 days.

Awesome view.

A moose got close enough in Willow Flats.

Willow Flats at dawn 2 Mule Deer

Willow Flats at dawn - Female Moose(no antlers) and you can see the baby following her

Willow Flats at dawn - baby moose near the water

Willow Flats at dawn - Mama moose and her baby. (they usually give birth in the Spring)

Willow flats at dawn. Herd of Elk are grazing.

This is a gorgeous picture. The trail/path(left) goes along Jackson Lake Lodge and after .5 miles as it borders Willow Flats it arrives at this pond! We never went any further. Reason:we could hear a munching noise and Bill spotted the silhouette of a large moose. I backed away. Full grown moose are huge(shoulders are at 7ft - bigger than elk)

I'm not sure where this is. The colors in the water are wonderful. We took a couple of hikes near Tetons. My guess is String lake or Leigh Lake. I saw 2 artists sketching scenery at String Lake.

I'm not sure which hike. I do know that it was a hike in the Tetons.

Signal Mtn is a top destination in the Tetons. Signal is unusual in that it deviates from the Teton range and yet it's elevated enough to have great views of both the Teton&Lake the adjacent valley-expanse and smaller Absorka range. (after all takes 2 ranges to make a valley)

Looking on the opposite side of Signal Mtn you can see the valley and smaller mountains.

At the top of Signal Mtn we saw a couple of Grouse.

We took hikes in Teton National Park. I think this is Leigh Lake ...super desolate area. Small beach where the water meets the soil. Dry air and 60-65 degrees!

I'm standing in the same spot(sleeves pulled up).

On that beach(not 2 ft away) I saw animal tracks. I couldn't make out many of the tracks but I could see that this was a frequented drinking spot. Animals are mostly nocturnal. I believe these(due to size) are Elk tracks.

Trail went thru the forest but hugged water too.

The park policy obvious.

I don't know where this is ...but its in the Tetons. Pretty.

Teton NP (I can't remember if they had fences - I think so)

Unusual, but we saw this moose at noon. In addition we were not at Willow Flats but in Teton NP.

same moose

Pronghorn Deer. (pronghorn antelope in Africa) Locals told me that bison simply decimate sections of fencing. They say that elk do similar though its more difficult for elk. Pronghorn run at 60 mph and jump high too ....but look at this fence. Pronghorn is one of the few animals that eat sage brush(versus grass). Sage brush is sooooo plentiful.

Merganser Duck - locals call them Mergansers. These ducks have heavy bones. This heaviness makes diving alot easier. Infact these ducks dive super-deeply ...unlike most ducks. Though mergansers are not great flyers ...they *do* fly and even migrate.

I was waiting for our turn to raft down the snake river. You can see the Tetons in the distance. The roughest part of our trip on the Snake can be seen.

Fly fishing is very popular on the Snake River. I saw 3-5 fly fishermen.



Snake River tour over. Warms up fast!

Colter Bay and Teton range. Clouds are always so interesting over that range. But NOT this cloudiness. By the way, John Colter was one of the first explorers of Teton and Yellowstone. In fact the legislators mocked his reports. They called Yellowstone's thermal features "Colter's Hell". It wasn't til Jackson(Jacksons Hole) photographed Yellowstone, that they took Colter's account seriously.

Colter bay. Stayed here one night. We stayed in a REAL log cabin in the woods(kinda).

Colter Bay

Colter Bay

Colter Bay

taken on our hike around Colter Bay

Teton Natl Park - Jenny Lake Hike Yellowstone(Deer, Geyser, Bison) Yellowstone(Canyon, Bison, Thermals)
Yellowstone(Thermal, Inn, Otter, Bison) Grand Tetons(Hike, Snake, Moose, Elk) Yellowstone(Tower Fall, Old Faithful Area)