The Bison herd is getting VERY close to the road. Open range!! Thank goodness it was daytime. Speed limit was 45 ...mostly.

We saw more bison/buffalo (by far) than any other animal. Bison thrived in Yellowstone. (gone elsewhere)

Nice foreground! (mark of a good picture)

I like this picture. To start with, clouds are rather unusual. This part of the country usually has cloudless skies. (Montana:Big Sky Country) Notice how the baby bison stay next to their moms. Protection! Also the bison are NOT eating sage grass ...but grass. Sage grass is plentiful in WY.

Here is thermal activity from a distance. (called thermal basins)

Sage brush in the foreground, then trees and the sky. Panorama of Yellowstone.

I'm very fond of this panorama.

Fly fishing is extremely poular up there. However the Lamar River(here) is strictly "catch-n-release". The same policy applied for Yellowstone Lake, Jackson Lake, Yellowstone River, etc. Bill's question was "Does that policy apply to Lake Trout?". He asked that because Lake Trout are non-native. Additionally, they are 3-4 times larger and are predators of the native fishes. Lake Trout are taking-over!!!

Yellowstone's Grand Canyon ...sunlight on sides.

Yellowstone's Grand Canyon. Our cabin at Canyon Lodge had a .5 mile trail(thru the forest) that connected to this place.

Yellowstone's Grand Canyon Falls ...water created the canyon.

Valley was full of streams. Inviting, isn't it.

Same area as previous. You can see the worn area next to the stream. I believe animals did this. (area is too remote) Many animals are nocturnal.

Mammoth Hot Springs is famous for it's "plateaus/shelves" that are formed due to it's thermal activity. Notice the dead tree nearby. We saw 100s of dead trees next to thermals. What happens? The trees thrive and roots grow but suddenly hot-thermals encroach and the tree(s) die. Thermal activity moves slowly(inches a year).

Teton Natl Park - Jenny Lake Hike Yellowstone(Deer, Geyser, Bison) Yellowstone(Canyon, Bison, Thermals)
Yellowstone(Thermal, Inn, Otter, Bison) Grand Tetons(Hike, Snake, Moose, Elk) Yellowstone(Tower Fall, Old Faithful Area)