First peak at falls.

These picturesque falls are in Yellowstone near Old Faithful.


inside Old Faithful Inn

Surrounding the Old Faithful Inn is an active thermal area with dozens of geysers, besides Old Faithful. You can see the inn in this picture.

Old Faithful geyser erupting. You can see the inn..


We looked at thermal activity, went on short trails and checked out as much of the Old faithful area as we could before total darkness. Not that darkness slowed down the geysers!

This geyser decided to erupt as we were watching. It didn't go very high.

Oops another one is going off!

This area goes from being "hot" and basin-like to forested and hilly in 150 yards..

This photo was taken from a short trail around the Old Faithful area.

I was surprised to see this area 300 yards from the thermal area in Old Faithful.

In this area we saw a group of merganser ducks that were flapping their wings and (seemingly) standing on the water for short periods of time. Noisy! I found out that they were shedding extra water from their wings.

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