A photographer can't go wrong.

Bridleveil Falls

El Capitan with unusual clouds

Yosemite Falls with those strange clouds

again...those clouds and Bridleveil Falls

You can see the distance between Upper and Lower Yosemite Falls

V-shaped upper area and Bridleveil Falls

Photographers like the "intrigue" and unpredictablity of clouds in the sky ...but I prefer blue skies. Yay!!! The last 2-3 days were sunny. (love those valleys)

Strange. Looks like the waterfall is descending from a cloud


Bridleveil Falls - - - - Meadows were common in the valley and they were teaming with life. I saw dozens-n-dozens of birds, squirrels, chipmunks, rabbits and deer too. Strangely, I never spotted ants or mosquitos.

Lower Yosemite Falls and stream in the valley. I liked this area. Nice and peaceful and scenic too. I am not the only one cause I found out that John Muir built his cabin here and lived for 2 years with a window toward the Fall.


I liked this


every shot is good

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